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Referral Process

A physician or nurse practitioner referral is currently required for the services of the NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre.

Please note: several of the programs to which NEO Kids CTC provides service and consultation (i.e., School Based Rehabilitation Services, Specialty clinics, etc.) may have alternate referral processes. Please refer to program or clinic information for details.

Tip Sheets / Pamphlets

We have tip sheets and/or pamphlets that have been compiled by the therapists at the NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre. They are intended to provide ideas and suggestions for development; however, these should not supersede suggestions and guidance provided by physicians or other therapy staff providing direct treatment with a child.

Please contact us for more information about these subjects:

Occupational Therapy Tip Sheets/Pamphlets
  • Play and Toy Selection
  • Helpful Fine Motor Activities
  • Colouring Skills
  • Pre-printing Skill Development
  • Development of Scissor Skills
  • Toilet Training Your Child with Special Needs
  • Computer Adaptations to Increase Success
  • Independence in Self-care
Physiotherapy Tip Sheets/Pamphlets
  • "W" Sitting
  • Baby Flathead - Health Unit
  • Active Start Physical Activity During the First Year
  • Active Start Physical Activity During Ages 1-3
  • Balance and Coordination Activities
  • Intoeing
  • Flatfeet
  • Baby Tummy Time 1-6 months
  • Baby Flathead - CTC 
  • Toe Walking Tips
  • Torticollis
Finds Directory

For information about services and programs for children with special needs and where to get help for your child please contact us.

Local Service Clubs

There are several service clubs in the Greater Sudbury and Northern Ontario areas that can assist with funding for our clients.  Please contact NEO Kids CTC social worker at 705-523-7120 ext. 1483 for more information.

Adaptive Sports and Leisure Activities

There are several adapted sport opportunities available within the Greater Sudbury area.  Please contact your physiotherapist for more information regarding currently available program opportunities.

Bursaries and Awards Available

OACRS Scholarship
Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation is pleased to offer the OACRS Scholarship Award Program in recognition of students who have been served by Ontario's NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centres and who are pursuing a post secondary education or career goal. For more information regarding OACRS bursaries visit the OACRS website.

A Photograph of Jeannie with her family

OACRS Scholarship Winner 2014

Spirit of Sally Spence Award

A Photograph of Sally Spence

Following the passing of Sally Spence in 2014, a bursary was established at NEO Kids CTC in her memory with her full support. Sally was the  clinical manager at NEO Kids CTC for many years and will be remembered for her wonderful smile and laugh, her love of children and her wonderful spirit.  The first bursaries were awarded in the spring of 2015. The award has been established to remember Sally and to support NEO Kids CTC children, youth and alumni in realizing their dreams. The awards are given annually to applicants who embody or strive to develop the qualities we remember most about Sally. To qualify, applicants must be children, youth and adults who are current or past clients of our centre.

For more information and application forms please contact us.

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Employment Opportunities
For more information regarding potential employment opportunities at the NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre or Health Sciences North, please visit

Volunteer Opportunities
The NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre often relies on volunteers to enhance our programs; however, these volunteers are secured via the HSN Volunteer Services. For more information please visit

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