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COVID-19 Update

The Neo Kids Children’s Treatment Centre continues to provide both virtual and in center visits during this 4th wave.   The safety and wellbeing of our families and our staff remain our priority. We continue to adhere to all existing health and safety protocols for any person attending the Centre, which includes social distancing, masking and pre-screening.  Currently, only a client with a pre-scheduled appointment and two accompanying caregivers will be admitted to our building. Every staff, client, family member, and visitor must be screened prior to being admitted into the centre. We are asking all patients and visitors coming to the Children’s Treatment Centre to please wear a mask. When you arrive at the centre, a hospital approved mask will be provided. Families will be advised of any additional procedures at the time an appointment is booked. Our plan for in person visits could change, should circumstances change with the pandemic.

The past 18 months have seen unprecedented strains on clients, families, caregivers and staff alike. Throughout this time, staff have worked hard to find new and safe ways to provide supports, resources and services.  We continue to work closely with our community partners and all of our school boards and child care centres to ensure that we are following all protocols to ensure the safety of the children, youth and staff when we are providing services in other locations. 

We welcome your feedback on your experiences while receiving services from the NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre.  Please stay safe as we continue to do our best to  provide safe and essential rehabilitation services for the children,  youth and families that we serve.

Joanne Huneault, (she/her)
Clinical Manager 

a Photograph of the Children's Treatment Centre team.

Who We Are

Health Sciences North's NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre is a family-centred community-based rehabilitation facility providing assessment, treatment, consultation and education to children and young adults with motor and communication impairments.

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What We Do

The NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre strives for the best quality of life and health for its clients by enhancing their self-esteem and facilitating their function, independence and community participation.

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Who We Serve

The NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre offers services for children aged 0-19. Some programs continue up to age 21. Healthcare professionals provide pediatric rehabilitation services in Sudbury and rural areas in the Sudbury Manitoulin District, including the communities of Sudbury East, Manitoulin Island, Espanola,  Chapleau and the 144 corridor. 

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We are moving!

NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre, NEO Kids Infant & Child Development Services

Open on Nov. 1

Virtual sessions only Oct. 18-29

Southridge Mall
Rue 1933 Regent St., Unit 46F
Sudbury, ON P3E 5R2

Phone: 705-523-7120 ext 1480
Toll-Free: 800-377-2128
Fax: 705-523-7157

CTC Transition Planning Steering Committee Meeting Highlights

To help support the relocation of the Children’s Treatment Center (CTC) and the Infant and Child Development Services (ICDS) in the coming months, the CTC Transition Planning Steering Committee is providing highlights of their Thursday, August 19 meeting.

  • Construction is nearing completion at the Southridge Mall location for the new CTC.
  • Plans for a late fall move is still anticipated.
  • Services will continue throughout the relocation with some of the in-clinic services being offered virtually.

Key Contact for Inquiries or requests: Maureen McLelland

Critical Path:

  • November 2019 – January 2020 – Due Diligence on site reviews / costing
  • Mid-February 2020 – Business Case to HSN’s CEO for Board support
  • End of February 2020 – HSN Board approved Business Case to Ministry
  • November 2020  – Ministry review and response, and tender process
  • December 2020– Tender review
  • February 2021 – Awarding of tender
  • March 2021 – Construction begins
  • Fall 2021 – Relocation

An email address has been created for any inquiries related to the CTC move.

Government of Ontario makes historic investment in child development and rehabilitation

This is an amazing day for Ontario families. The government is making an historic investment in the child development and rehabilitation sector of $240 million over four years to address wait lists for pediatric rehabilitation and child development, making sure kids get services in a timely way. The NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre will be receiving funds to help address its lengthy waiting lists. Today 80,000 kids are waiting for treatment across the province.  This funding will enable providers to increase staffing, develop new models of service aligned with families’ expectations, and increase programs that support families and family engagement.

“The biggest concern that  our families have expressed over the years has been the length of time that they  have had to wait for services” says Joanne Tramontini, Clinical manager of the NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre.  “In some programs, waiting lists have exploded and wait times can be several years, which is not acceptable. We know that early intervention is key to positive outcomes for children. The additional funds will allow us to reduce wait times. We are excited and very grateful for the new funding.”

“Empowered Kids Ontario-Enfants Avenir Ontario (EKO) and our members greatly appreciate the financial support announced today in the 2021-22 provincial budget by Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy,” says EKO CEO Jennifer Churchill. “This is a profound investment that ensures the high-quality care kids and their families deserve will reach more kids and significantly reduce wait times.”

Ontario’s child development and rehabilitation agencies across the province provide services and programs, including core rehabilitation therapies—physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language therapy—to more than 150,000 kids every year, at home, in schools and in the community.

This will allow our members to see more of the kids who are waiting for all levels of service—whether they need only a few visits or many visits to help them achieve their goals.

“On behalf of our sector, we thank the Government of Ontario for this meaningful support, and for ongoing efforts to address the urgent treatment needs of kids with disabilities and their families,” says EKO Chair Penny Smiley.

The funding addresses an increasingly urgent gap between the time a child may miss developmental milestones and when they enter service. This funding will enable providers to increase staffing, develop new models of service aligned with families’ expectations, and increase programs that support families and family engagement.

“We want to acknowledge the investment in capital and how important these providers are to their communities,” adds Churchill. “We’re thrilled to see that the government is making sure community-based providers are able to welcome kids and families and provide care in facilities that enable leading clinical practice.”

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