School Based Rehabilitation Services

The NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre delivers school-based rehabilitation services including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech language pathlogy services in public-funded schools in the Sudbury area.  In addition, NEO Kids CTC is reponsible for the management of referrals and the waiting list.  For more information, please call 705-523-7120 ext. 1428.

NEO Kids CTC therapists visit community schools and provide in-school assessment, consultation and treatment as appropriate.  Therapy is designed to improve each child's independence, function and successful community school integration.

Referral Process
If your child is already receiving services at NEO Kids CTC, your therapist will facilitate the transition to school based rehabilitation services.  If your child is not currently receiving services at NEO Kids CTC or in the schools, a referral by the school is prefeerred and is sent to NEO Kids CTC with a parent's permission.  For more information, call 705-523-7120 ext. 1428.

Your school board may also have some resources and services for those in need.  Please consult your school board directly for details.