Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT) provide assessment, treatment, and consultation to enable a child's participation in everyday activities with as much independence as possible.  These activities may include areas of self-care (dressing, toileting, feeding, gross and fine motor skills), productivity (learning through play), and leisure (play preferences).  OT’s are also involved with assessment, prescription and modification of equipment (e.g. bath chairs) and recommendation for accessibility within different environments.

Occupational Therapy in Schools
Occupational Therapy (OT) assists children to develop skills required at school. Occupational therapists work with teachers and parents in developing school skills, modifying and adapting school tasks, adapting the environment and integrating assistive technology into learning (www.otontario.ca/osot/succeed-at-school). In the schools, occupational therapists provide assessment and consultation services, as well as determine if direct treatment is warranted from an occupational therapist or rehabilitation assistant.  A focus is placed on:

  • school accessibility (making adaptive changes to the school environment, transfers, mobility, and positioning)
  • equipment recommendations (i.e. grab bars, adapted toilet seats)
  • activity of daily living skills (toileting, feeding, dressing skills)
  • fine motor difficulties due to a physical limitation (i.e. challenges with written output, visual perception and visual motor skills)
  • building arm and hand strength
  • maintaining/improving range of motion
  • sensory processing skills
  • assistive technology/environmental modifications (i.e. pencil grips, adapted paper, special seating/positioning)

*  Please note that OT services are shown to be most effective when family and school actively participate in the treatment program.  Without ongoing practice and program completion outside of occupational therapy treatment sessions, long term success is unlikely.

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