The following may be questions you have regarding the NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre and services provided:

What can I expect to happen to the services my child receives once they go to school?
When your child starts school, either your services will be transferred to our School Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS) or, depending on the issues, your child can still receive services at NEO Kids CTC.  

Is there somewhere I can go to meet other parents whose children are involved with NEO Kids CTC?
For more information, please contact the NEO Kids CTC Social Worker, at 705-523-7337 ext. 1483.

What supports do each service at NEO Kids CTC offer to families?
The NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre offers a variety of programs and therapies including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech language pathology, and social work intervention. 

Where can we park if front parking zone for NEO Kids CTC is full?
If the designated parking spots on either side of our building are not available you can park in any of the hospital parking lots, including the one next to NEO Kids CTC.  For more information regarding directions and parking please ​​​​go to

My child is turning 18, where do we go for adult services?
Preparing for your teen's transition to adult services should begin well before they turn 18. Planning should begin around the age of 14 at school and with all of the service providers involved in your teen's care so that we are ready when the teen turns 18 or leaves chool. You and your teen are encouraged to ask questions and to be part of the planning. Your  teen's therapists, physicians, service coordinator, social worker, and school personnel all play an important role in helping your teen prepare for the transition to adult services.

The CanChild website has a resource (KIT: Keeping It Together) that can be downloaded to assist with transition planning.  To obtain more information regarding the CanChild Youth KIT and The KIT visit