Snoezelen Pool Therapy

The therapeutic pool at Health Sciences North is accessible to children with physical disabilities.  The water is heated to 33°C (92°F) to provide therapeutic benefits such as relieving pain, promoting relaxation, mobilizing joints, strengthening muscles, developing balance and coordination and improving general fitness. The Snoezelen equipment promotes relaxation and exploration in an enhanced sensory environment with lighting and sound effects.

Children referred to the NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre can participate in various programs and groups including:

  • morning juvenile arthritis group
  • preschool program
  • 'Parents and Tots' group
  • after school pool program 

A pool therapy referral by the child’s physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist is required.

What are the therapeutic benefits of  pool therapy & exercise in warm water?

  •     Muscular relaxation and decreased muscle spasm.
  •     Decreased pain due to warmth and support.
  •     Gravity is countered by buoyancy.
  •     Increased muscle strength and endurance due to the greater resistance in water.
  •     Improvement in swelling, due to hydrostatic pressure.
  •     Enhanced balance and stabilization.
  •     Improved enjoyment and confidence to move better.

How does pool therapy (hydrotherapy) work?

The warmth increases circulation, reduces muscle spasm, and helps to relieve pain. Clients do not need to be able to swim in order to benefit from hydrotherapy (pool therapy).  Hydrotherapy may be used alone or in conjunction with other rehabilitation programs. The program is often a stepping stone for patients to progress onto gym or land based exercise programs.

For specific information regarding program appropriateness for your child, eligibility and schedules, please contact your physiotherapist or occupational therapist.