Program Description
Comprehensive rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and social work) services are provided to children with motor and communication impairments.

Eligibility and Admission Process
Referrals are accepted from infancy to the age of 19.  Some referrals may be redirected to the child’s local school board (speech and/or OT), other community providers (WordPlay) or the North East Local Health Integration Network's (NELHIN) Pediatric Program.

  • A physician referral (family physician, paediatrician) or a nurse practitioner referral is required
  • Service coordinators from the Children’s Community Network (CCN) complete the Intake for all non urgent referrals. Once the Intake is completed, the Outpatient team reviews the Intake package to prioritize the referrals. There are waiting lists for all services.
  • Services are available in English and French. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long will my child have to wait for services?
Your child is important to us, and we recognize that awaiting service can be stressful. We therefore strive to address the needs of our clientele as rapidly as possible. A multidisciplinary team meets regularly to review and prioritize children, based on urgency and severity of need.  Wait times may vary according to the service or program required, and traditionally span from 1-6 months. Should your child’s situation change while you are waiting, please do not hesitate to call us.

What happens at the first appointment?
A therapist or a secretary will call you to arrange an appointment. On your first visit, the therapist will begin a comprehensive assessment with input from you, the parent/caregiver. The therapist will provide you with a copy of the “NEO Kids CTC Out-Patient Booklet” (Welcome Booklet) which outlines NEO Kids CTC services, contact information and a copy of the NEO Kids CTC program contract. Once the assessment is completed, the therapist will provide you with recommendations for home programming and schedule additional appointments if needed. 

Are there any costs for the service?
The NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centre is funded through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and other funders.  There is no cost for therapy sessions. Therapists will review with the parent/caregiver possible funding sources for any piece of equipment which may be needed/recommended.

How often and for how long will my child be seen?
Children needing active treatment are usually seen for a block of therapy (5-10 sessions). At the end of the block, the therapist will discuss the need for future treatment you. Length of involvement varies according to the needs of the child/family.

For more information with regards to outpatient services please contact 705-523-7120 ext. 1483.

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