Move 2 Improve

The Move 2 Improve Group was developed to provide a fun and stimulating group program for children with mild motor impairment to work on their gross motor skills, ball skills, balance, coordination, strength and cardiovascular fitness.  Move 2 Improve consists of a warm-up followed by 3 sessions: Body Builders (strength exercises), Circus School (balance and coordination skills (i.e., walking on a beam, hopping, jumping jacks, etc.), and Fast and Furious (cardiovascular fitness and ball skills), ending in a group activity/sport (soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.).

A Parent Education week is included that focuses on providing parents/guardians with tools for success when teaching new motor skills or when practicing challenging skills.  Parents were also encouraged to participate in a session during Parent Shadow Week.  Parents have provided great feedback with some comments including: “better confidence”, “improved balance”, and  “was very excited about actually being able to participate in group activities without being left behind”.One of our participants summed it up great by saying “I wish this didn’t have to end!”

Move 2 Improve sessions are offered in the Fall and Spring.  Please contact the NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre for more information.