If you have a piece of equipment your child/youth is no longer using and you wish to donate it, please do not bring it to the centre. We have significant storage issues at the centre currently. Please speak with your child's therapist first. We may know a family who needs that particular piece of equipment. Your therapist can also direct you to other options for donating used equipment as appropriate.

We love our volunteers here at NEO Kids CTC. They make such a difference in our work.  If you are  interested in volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Department at HSN to learn more about opportunities and the process.

New Toys/Equipment
Should you wish to make a donation of new toys or equipment, you can contact Joanne Tramontini, Clinical manager, as we always have an up to date wish list for toys and equipment that can be purchased on our behalf. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Financial Donation
NEO Kids Foundation gratefully accepts financial donations on behalf of the NEO Kids Children’s Treatment Centre.  For more information please go to or call 705-523-7100 ext. 1234.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Clinical Manager, Joanne Tramontini at 705-523-7120 ext. 1450.